Academic content

Tersac Excellencia en Champagne ensures the entirety of the general programs of secondary education, from the sixth to the final year. We bring students to the Baccalaureate S, ES, L, STMG or STD2A. We are of course obliged to respect the dictates dictated by the academic inspection.

However, as a network of independent institutions, we also have the latitude to offer unpublished content. The latter have also built the specificity of Tersac over time:

  • Methodology
  • General News Culture
  • Ethic and Decency

In addition, the Anglo-Saxon pace adopted by our Schools allows to systematically propose sports, cultural or technological activities every afternoon.

Finally, we attach particular importance to international openness and prepare everyone to master perfectly foreign languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin are always available and we are able to offer other languages according to the demand.