The schools of Tersac are prestigious boarding schools. On all our sites, students are housed in exceptional buildings (castles, mansions and master houses) and have domains covering several hectares.

All our establishments are mixed. However, in the rooms reserved for accommodation, boys and girls are separated. The dormitories and living spaces are supervised by internship masters, who ensure the good order of things and ensure that everyone adopts a calm and disciplined behavior.

Rooms are designed to accommodate up to 6 people and organized by age group. In these, each student has a space dedicated to him and perfectly equipped: bed, wardrobe and storage furniture, desk, chair …

Each student is responsible for his / her space and each room must be suitably tidied up: an inspection will be done every morning before allowing students to go to class.

Our boarding schools are permanent, which means that we are able to offer lodging and boarding to all our residents throughout the year, including weekends and holidays.