Our language and sports programmes rely upon a multisensory approach to teaching in order to allow the full expression of your child’s talent.

All our programmes integrate contextualised foreign language learning into their teaching objectives; French for the French Summer Camp and English for the Oxford Language Camp and The Study Break Program. This alternative approach to teaching offers the student total immersion in the target language (physical, intellectual and sensory…) and stimulates their imagination. Hands-on discovery of the language will aid in consolidating their learning and allow them to explore a new culture and view the world with a different perspective. Through sports, arts and cultural activities, your child will also gain a greater understanding of different registers of language.

Sports Activities

ClimbingYour child can participate in more than 30 sports activities on site. All of these activities are led by trained and qualified animateurs who know how to inspire the children with their passion and adapt to their respective level, be they at beginner’s level, intermediate or advanced.

These activities are another opportunity in which to practise their target language. They will also allow your child to develop their interpersonal skills by making them aware of the need for team spirt and sportsmanship.


Arts Activities

Art activitiesThe children can take part in different workshops, for activities such as painting, drawing, theatre, dance, scrapbook making and photography. By experimenting with materials, colours, sounds and textures you child will discover a new world and a different culture.



Cultural Activities

Cultural activitiesIn our French Summer Camp, all cultural outings and activities revolve around specific learning objectives. The excursions are organised with competitive elements to arouse the students’ curiosity and ignite a passion for discovering new things.

In order to discover new cultural aspects through the Oxford Language Camp and the Study Break Programme really must get their hands dirty. In order to really discover the flavours and aromas of England, the United Stated and New Zealand, the campers are introduced to foods such as Pavlova, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, American pie, cheesecake, fish and chips and hamburgers…