The Start of a New Management Course (STMG)

Starting in September 2017, a new course will be available at Excellencia :

Sciences and technology management with administration (STMG)


This baccalaureate course is aimed at students who take an interest in the general workings of organisations and businesses and leads into various sectors such as human resources, administration, finance, communication and marketing etc.

Core subjects: French, mathematics, languages, history and geography, philosophy and P .E

Core subjects still remain fundamental to this course, especially proficiency in French and other foreign languages which will allow future graduates to acquire good written and oral skills, as well as communicating more efficiently. Also, history and geography will provide them with invaluable cultural knowledge.

Technology education: Law and economics, management of organisations and administrative sciences

These subjects aim to provide students with the bases and foundations needed for everything that involves the operation of businesses, and also its relevant administrations and associations. The students will learn how to analyse, measure and interpret data, as well as undertaking practical case studies where they can work on decision making and project management.

Specialised teaching: management and finance, marketing, human recourses and communication, information and administration systems

This part of the course is to be chosen from the four possible subjects mentioned above, and provides the biggest weighting to the baccalaureate. This chosen specialised subject is very important as it will often determin the next course of study after graduating.

This course begins at the start of the school year in September 2017 for students in Year 12 and 13. For more information about how to enrol at our school, please visit our page enrolment procedure.