Extracurricular activities

Improvement and development of their skills

At Excellencia, your child will benefit from a general education which allows them to showcase all of their talents and to learn qualities which will make them a balanced and responsible adult: leadership, creativity, open-mindedness and solidarity.

Daily sports, arts and cultural activities are a central part of our school’s curriculum, inspired by the English “public school” education system. The great location of our campus and our unique sports facilities makes our boarding school a stimulating environment geared towards discovering yourself and others.

Develop through sport

Sport is a learning experience. It teaches values such as defiance, pushing yourself beyond your limits, competitiveness, solidarity, integrity, etc. Above all, it is the best way for your child to feel good physically and mentally. In an ideal setting with plenty of equipment for around 30 different sports activities on-site (indoor, semi-Olympic swimming pool, sports fields etc.)whether they be team or individual sports. A competitive spirit, a taste for perseverance and pushing yourself further are essential values to be able to succeed at school and in life in general.

Sports cup

For example, the students can try the following sports:
Golf, water-ski, ski bob, kayaking, swimming, aquagym, waterpolo, fencing, combat sports and martial arts, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis tennis, mountain biking, archery, orienteering, obstacle courses, hiking, modern dancing, jazz dancing, gymnastics, fitness, step aerobics, muscle building, rock climbing, relaxation, etc.

Develop through art and culture

Art is essentially a perception or a representation of the world and of yourself. The art workshops and cultural projects offered provide a multi-sensory learning experience for various ability levels. Your child will acquire ways of expressing themselves and the qualities needed in their academic and professional life including: curiosity, observational skills, creativity, open-mindedness, etc.

As well as art workshops, Excellencia offers a special course in Applied Technological Arts (STD2A).


Learning to explore and discover is a principle which helps form our international school’s curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate in educational and cultural trips with their teachers, which are geared towards various subjects:

  • Art history: visits to towns and cities (Paris, Reims, Epernay), cathedrals, museums, etc.
  • French
  • History and Geography
  • Economics
  • Science
  • Sports Education

Cultural activities Louvre

Develop their awareness of linguistic diversity

A language is a world vision and an expression of a human culture and its spirit. To prepare your child for growing up in this globalised and diverse world, we offer a French/English bilingual course from college level. As well as the classes, the extracurricular activities will be run in English (such as the school newsletter, cookery classes, plays, musicals, comedies etc.)