Life on campus

The atmosphere of our centre is at the same time relaxed but respectful, studious but playful and cosy but spacious. At Excellencia, your child is in good hands.

The campus at Excellencia was designed to be a place of work but also relaxation and leisure. A space geared towards discovering the world and yourself, and one which guaranties safety, wellbeing, and the close comfort that a family setting provides. With its early 19th century house, our establishment will offer your child a real change of scenery. They will come away with a whole host of memories, be they of times on campus, in their rooms with their new classmates, at meal times or in the games room; memories which they will no doubt be able to share for years to come.


SelfFrom lessons, to sports, to games and to evening activities, the days at Excellencia are non-stop! So that the children can catch their breath and replenish their energy, they get together for substantial, varied and balanced meals. The food is prepared on site while respecting each individual’s cultural preferences. The meals are served in a buffet style in the dining room or sometimes outdoors depending on the weather.

Mealtimes are just as much a great chance to discover language and culture. We encourage your child to try several specialities, whether they be from England, the United States or New Zealand, as part of their English immersion.


BedroomFor good recovery and optimal learning conditions, we ensure that the children have a good night’s sleep. The children aged 12 or younger go to bed at 21:30 and those older can stay up until 22:30. Depending on their preference, your child can share a spacious and comfortable room with one, two or three others of the same age. The girls and boys stay in different dormitories which are monitored by the animateurs during the night.

Evening Activities

Camp fireThese evening activities are particularly important for the children since they leave lasting memories.

Each evening we organize a themed activity such as a performances or games so that the children can have fun all while learning the language among friends.