The Oxford Language Camp

English language summer school

Today’s youth are the global citizens of tomorrow. By attending our English language camp, your child will adapt to an ever-changing world.  

Three continents. Three counties. Three cultures. A stay at the Oxford Language Camp is like going on a journey to three official English-speaking counties, all while staying on our campus located in the Champagne region of France, just one hour from Paris. Our weekly timetable covers England, the United States and New Zealand (two days on each country). Why these three countries? Because in each of these countries there is a town called Oxford. With the central theme being the learning of the English language, the Oxford Language Camp will allow the discovery of the Anglo-Saxon language and culture across 3 different continents.

Explore new worlds fully immersed in English in what we promise to be a safe and friendly environment, where your child will have the opportunity to have an exciting adventure in playful surroundings, blending sport, art and culture.

Oxford Language Camp

English language, sport and culture, all in France

Staying at Excellencia to learn English in France for a week or more is crafted in such a way that your child is given total immersion in an entirely English environment. This unique English immersion relies upon:

  • Learning hands on
  • Learning though games
  • Learning through sports and cultural activities

Why choose Oxford Language Camp at Excellencia?

20 years to date, and we still have the same passion and drive that is necessary to fulfil our maxim, “Your child deserves Excellence”. The safety and wellbeing of your child is our first and foremost priority and our unique campus will guaranty all that is necessary for a comfortable stay at Excellencia:

  • A committed and experienced teaching team
  • A secure campus
  • Well-equipped facilities
  • Respect for each child’s cultural customs

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