Objectives of the Oxford Language Camp

Learning English by immersion in France

Learning a language is to live it. Excellencia guaranties your child complete immersion in the English language…in France.

Of course your child will not only begin to discover the English language but also the culture, the habits and customs, and the history of each of the three countries. The Oxford Language Camp relies on a unique pedagogical approach which simulates an immersive journey to an Anglophone environment as realistic as possible. All within a safe environment, adapted for even the youngest of campers.

Our objective is to stimulate your child’s imagination and curiosity all while providing the close intimacy like a family. You child will fit in right away and will not feel isolated. No questions are asked concerning the integration…….All of this is put in place to reassure you, the parent(s), and to allow your child to flourish and to start to communicate in English, even if they are a complete beginner.

A whole week of total linguistic immersion

The idea is that the Oxford Language Camp offers more than a simple language course. We create an environment such that the campers experience total immersion in both the English language and culture.

The virtual journey allows the child to acquire linguistic competences linked to day-to-day life, and to learn how to get to grips with these differences.

By offering them the chance to take advantage of their imagination, by making them challenge their preconceptions even in the space of a week these are the attitudes and skills of the mind that are vital to life in the modern world in which we are instilling them:

  • The desire and joy of learning
  • A sense of innovation
  • A respect for diversity
  • Recognizing the need to respect others

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Immersed in English and having fun learning

At Excellencia we are adept at ‘fun learning’. Learning English in an immersive environment will familiarise your child with the cultural particularities associated with England, the United States and New Zealand by taking part in fun activities:

  • Artistic, cultural and sports activities typically found in each country (baseball, cricket…)
  • Discovering the local gastronomy
  • Themed evening activities (Halloween party, Thanksgiving…)
  • Keeping a ‘travel journal’

English immersion in an exceptional school in France

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