Our camps

For more than 20 years we have welcomed children coming from all corners of the globe who either wish to hone their French skills or begin learning it from scratch. In doing so, they also discover France and its culture. We do more than just teach languages with sport; we also impart culture.

Our goal is to teach your child how to seize tomorrow’s world and find their place within it.


Our French Summer Camp is French immersion programme in an outstanding facility just one hour from Paris. It is not only to discover the ‘art of living like the French’ but it also provides the perfect international setting to discover other cultures…



The Oxford Language Camp is a virtual journey across three continents all while remaining in France on our Excellencia campus in Troissy. Its objective? To provide an entirely English environment in our secure facility.


School trip childrenSTUDY BREAK PROGAMME

Our Study Break Programme combines the reinforcing of schoolwork, and cultural and sports activities in English. The goal is to allow your child to get in touch with their own style of learning and get back in touch with the joy of learning.