Our teaching method

Our language summer schools and educative support have the same objective; to give your child the keys to allow them to take charge of their own learning.

The total immersion language summer schools (French or English) and the study reinforcement lessons offered by Excellencia rely upon an action-oriented approach. The principal behind this approach is to place the student in a near-real-life situation so that they can understand the connection between theory and practice. The teacher or animateur assists with as much the practical aspects as the learning process. Their main role is to animate the children and get them active and thinking, since role playing games, real-life situations and projects are only useful if they challenge the child’s preconceptions and learning experience. It is by expanding their outlook that your children will be able to realize the fun that is to be had with learning and therefore improve their skills.


Learning differently and having fun

In our classes and workshops, the children must complete concrete tasks as well as group projects. In order to problem solve the child must call upon a range of skills (emotional, intellectual, experiential…), work as part of a team, consider the structure of a project and how each person could contribute. In this way, by expanding their ability to observe, reflect and take action, your child will learn how to turn their experiences into new skills and develop their tools for thinking. They become responsible for their own learning and develop a taste and joy for learning.

Get to know yourself and open yourself up to others and to the world.

Our linguistic immersion summer schools for French, and our school holiday programmes aim to achieve both didactic and educational goals. By taking part in one of our school holiday programmes, your child will not only develop their language skills, but will also expand their creativity and engagement in sports. Our approach to teaching will allow your child to acquire values, attitudes and tools which will serve them well in understanding the complexities of a modern world and encountering new life situations. You child will acquire:

  • A better understanding and confidence in themselves
  • A greater feeling of independence
  • Problem solving know-how and the acquisition of new skills
  • Developed interpersonal skills
  • An awareness of interculturality and personal development