Our teaching staff

Teaching is a vocation. The teaching team at Excellencia have a dual objective: to stay ahead of your expectations as parents and to guarantee the well-being and the development of your child.

Experience and competence

Our international school‘s board of directors have plenty of experience in secondary and post-secondary school teaching. Their areas of expertise include devising curriculums, supervising the students, as well as managing the staff and the educational establishment. They aim to ensure a consistency between Excellencia’s curriculum and the National Department of Education’s curriculum.

The teachers are carefully selected based on two criteria:

  • Competence and experience: all are qualified in their subject area and have previously taught the national curriculum. Our teachers also have experience of working with an international clientele.
  • Teaching qualities: our teachers have developed listening skills and they know how to be dedicated to, and good willed and empathic towards, the students.

French class

A dedicated teaching team

Communicating knowledge is the primary role of a teacher. At Excellencia, we also consider ourselves educators and our teachers adhere to a wider curriculum. Their enthusiasm and their openness are necessary traits to be able to fulfil the requirements of our teaching charter:

  • An individual knowledge of each student
  • Personalised support inside and outside the classroom
  • A caring nature concerning the interest and the well-being of your child whilst helping them to develop their independence.