School charter

Our vision: personal excellence in the community

Our school’s curriculum stems from one vision: personal achievement in the community. Our inspiration comes from the English public school system, which relies heavily on innovative teaching approaches. We guide your child towards academic success in a friendly, sporty and cultural environment, which allows all of their talents to flourish and also teaches them social and interpersonal skills.

Becoming a player in their learning and their future

Excellencia has created an environment which gives your child the necessary skills to achieve academic success and which allows them to achieve good qualifications from the Department of National Education (Certificate of General Education or the Baccalaureate). In particular, our school aims at placing your child at the heart of their learning and making them aware of their own potential. Developing their talents, clearly identifying their goals, identifying inevitable difficulties and knowing how to face them, maintaining their motivation: these are the qualities which your child will acquire at Excellencia and which will provide them with the necessary tools to build their academic and professional portfolio.

Our school’s curriculum is based on the following objectives:

  • To ensure the success of each student and to maximise their performance by giving them the necessary tools to succeed.
  • To boost the potential of each student to bring out the best in them
  • To make an effort individually and collectively
  • To guarantee high-quality teaching standards
  • To help the child achieve a distinction at Baccalaureate level
  • To develop the independence and responsibility of each student regarding punctuality, diligence, discipline, austerity and work ethic so as to put them in the best position possible in their individual and general life
  • To develop their openness towards others and to the outside world
  • To develop their ethical and moral qualities, and to create a true community spirit
  • To ensure the sufficient training of teachers and staff
  • To secure the position and the role of parents in their child’s education