Tancredi Didier tells us about his experience

Tancredi DidierTancredi Didier is Italian and comes from Palermo. He attends the Sciences section of a class of “Seconde” as a boarder. The first time he came to Excellencia was for the Study Break Programme and the Oxford Language Camp. Seduced by the teaching methods and wanting to attend school in France, he asked his parents if it were possible to join us at Excellencia. His parents, living in Sicily, agreed and allowed him to come here to study.

“At Excellencia, I have discovered an entirely new way of learning compared to what I knew in Italy. Here in France, the emphasize is on scientific subjects, whereas in Italia, they are much less present in the curriculum. I am also discovering economics. The teachers have great teaching skills and their lessons are very interesting. The class I am in is united, because of the small number of students, and that is very pleasant and reassuring to be followed like that. Another thing that I like here is the importance of sports. We do 3 hours of sports on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, and I had the opportunity to try archery for the first time in my life. During the weekend, permanent boarders like me go on excursions to discover the Champagne and Paris region. Last weekend, we went to a tourist river boat in Paris. We have already visited Reims Cathedral and we did tree climbing in a leisure park near campus.”