Testimonies (camps)



Darrel and Beryl really appreciated their stay at Excellencia and even after haivng spent two weeks here, they wished they could have stayed longer. They enjoyed being on holiday here and sharing their experience with other children whilst learning English in a fun and authentic way.

Mr. Claude LOBE EBONGUE and Ms. Simone CHOLLET, Neuilly Plaisance (93)



Jules came away from Excellencia delighted. The English lessons, the activities, the evening games…He loved every moment of it!

Mr. Fabrice BARBICHON and Ms. Marie-Caroline BARBICHON, Férébrianges (51)



Margot had a very pleasant stay at Excellencia. She was able to rekindle confidence in herself in her ability to speak English. The principle behind a language immersion programme is excellent.
Mr. Michel MARGUERY and Ms. Christine MARGUERY, Meudon (92)


Juliette ANTOINE
Juliette really enjoyed her stay. It is well structured and makes fills every moment of the day. Being able to discover other cultures is a real bonus. The rooms were also comfortable.

Mr. Luc ANTOINE and  Ms. Sophie ANTOINE, Talant (21)


Laura and Anaïs MANLAN

Our two girls enjoyed their stay. The team was very friendly and welcoming. The sports activities were extremely varied.

Mr. Olivier MANLAN and Ms. Caroline MANLAN, Villiers-sur-Marne (94)


Brice and Rémy HUTASSE

Brice and Rémy had such an excellent stay, that they decided to stay another week! The teachers and animateurs were great, along with the sports activities and food. Our children’s stay was perfect and they came away happy. The teachers were good as well as the atmosphere on campus. The sports activities are good quality. The Oxford Language Camp allowed our two sons to improve their English, have fun with friends and to rub shoulders with different nationalities, which for them was very enriching.
Mr. Rudy HUTASSE and Ms. Nathalie HUTASSE, Bouzy (51)



I was satisfied with what Excellencia had to offer; there was good communication and it was well managed. The Oxford Language Camp allowed our son to grow, mature, become more independent and to learn to live with others.

Mr. Jérôme MESSAGER and Ms. Lydie MESSAGER, Benay (02)


Justine ROY

Impeccable organisation. Lessons and activites very good ; Justine learned a lot. Good framework and teachers who listened.

Mr. Olivier ROY and Ms. Sandrine RUBIO, Andernos (33)



I’m happy for my daughter Clara who had an excellent stay in a quality environment. Clara is very happy to have met children with different nationalities, her stay was terrific, the structure was great and the maths lessons were excellent.

Mr. François MORTELIER and Ms. Denise MORTELIER, St. Cloud (92)


Fiona BART

Fiona is very happy with the week, it was very rewarding. Thanks to the lessons, she became more confident in herself. A great concept of mixing lots of nationalities on the same campus

Mr. Thierry BART and Ms. Odile DEMONCHEAUX, St. Cloud (92)