The Study Break Program

Children study

We have a common objective with parents, educators and teachers: enhancing each student’s capacity to reach their full potential and provide them with appropriate tools and with a conducive environment for them to succeed in their schooling and able to choose their future studies and vocation.

During each school break, we offer study programs in French which consist in combining tutoring lessons and methodology with leisure activities. That way, we monitor each student’s learning and progress and help them overcome any difficulties they might have throughout the academic year.

These tutoring lessons, taught by qualified and experienced instructors, mainly focus on your child’s main school subjects: maths, French, English, physics, philosophy, etc.

This study program aims at:

  • Consolidating not only knowledge but also learning strategies (learn how to learn)
  • Teaching your child to develop their self-esteem in order to make greater progress.

After 2:00 p.m., afternoons are dedicated to sports activities.

Practicing extra-curricular activities is essential for children’s well-being during their school break and contributes to creating an environment conducive to your child’s school performance and development.