Public and objectives of the Study Break Program

The study program is aimed at children aged 6 (1st year in elementary school) to 18 (senior year in high-school).

Our approach is student-centered.  At the beginning of the program, we carry out a diagnostic assessment (interview and test).

Based on an individualized approach to tutoring, the main program objectives are :

  • Learn how to learn,
  • Overcome any difficulties students might have in their schooling so they can progress
  • Enhance each student’s capacity
  • Improve student motivation and desire to make progress,
  • Build up self-esteem,
  • Learn while respecting each student’s pace and rhythm,
  • Enjoy learning.

This tutoring program aims at consolidating not only the subjects students have trouble with, but also learning strategies and methodology.

The study break program takes place in a camp spirit, combining learning with leisure! During one, two, or three weeks, students take part in a program combining sports activities with a customized review program.