Who are our students?

Lalia DialloLalia Diallo’s Profile

Lalia is of Malian, Senegalese and Estonian origin. At first she lived in Mali, then she, her parents and her sister moved to Gabon. Before coming to Excellencia, she attended the Sciences section of a French-Gabonese school. Lalia’s parents were searching for a boarding school in France due to the schedules that their professions demanded. What they had in mind was a school that was well run and in pleasant surroundings; That’s why they chose Excellencia. Lalia particularly likes the staff organization. She says, “I have never known a school where teachers were so available. Of course, they are here to supervise us during classes but also during supervised study sessions and private tuitions.” Lalia got to know the other students very quickly and even if she dreaded the distance with her parents, she adapted very well and very quickly. “I thought it would be much harder than that, and in the end, after only a few days, I was busy with the many activities on campus and I feel like I’ve known the other students for a long time! I stay in touch with my family. I call my mother every day so everything is fine…”

Li Pei ZhanLi Pei Zhan’s Profile

Li comes from the city of Zibo in China. He is 17 and, until now, attended Zibo high school. He has been enrolled on the French as a Foreign Language course (FLE) since September. Li had taken French classes in China for about a year. He is progressing fast thanks to the teaching of his native French teacher. “When I don’t understand something, I have to say so in French…There’s no resorting to Chinese with my teacher.”

The goal for him now is to reach level B2 so that he can follow the standard academic path here. Like all students at Excellencia, Li does sport every day. He has discovered water-polo; “I love it”, he says.